Friday, March 6, 2009

Plates in the Head

Lately I've been thinking about fashion plates, though perhaps "thinking" is the wrong word; obsessing may be a better descriptor. One particular consignment store here in Austin tends to carry framed mid-century plates regularly. Unfortunately, the consigner knows the value and they are often too expensive for me. Therefore I have to improvise.
Yesterday I found a cache of images in the public domain on Wikipedia and hope to incorporate some in a few projects milling around in my head. Meanwhile, for those who, like me, are cash strapped but taste-expansive, why not click on some of these images & links -- enjoy the view!

Fashion Plates

University of Washington Digital Library Collection: Fashion Plates

Koshka the Cat: Fashion Plates

Wikipedia: History of Western Fashion

Godey's Ladies' Book


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I'm always on the lookout for historical images that are no longer copyrighted that I can use on my blogs and in my video book trailers. If you know of any great sites, please point me to them. Great images, by the way.

Stephanie Ann said...

I never buy fashion plates, I think it only encourages people to rip them out of their books. You could use the internet and make a facsimile printing of one and display it in your home. Framing and displaying originals eventually ruins them anyway.